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Is a Guardian Angel.

Appearing as a female spirit radiating golden energy.

Namaste will pray for you and greet you with Namaste to recognize the divinity within you.
One of her specialties is to provide you with protection and a safe space to deepening your psychic abilities. She assists with protecting you and your aura and also assists with safeguarding you during meditation, energy work, and during your sleep.
To work with Namaste, hold her close to your heart and tell her what you need. Sit down or lay down and picture it with your mind’s eye, a golden pyramid made of light surrounding you or your space. Set the intention that this pyramid will protect you. This golden pyramid functions as protection and providing you a safe space so you can work with your crown and third eye chakras without worrying about distorted energy lingering in your energetic field. The golden pyramid can also protect your whole home if you wish. If you feel guided to do intuitive writing after your session with Namaste, please go ahead and do that. Sometimes Namaste will happily share her teachings with you.
Offer Namaste your love and gratitude. Cleanse her with sage weekly and charge her under the sun for few hours a week.

Namaste is a is a pre-activated Quartz Druzy 2" length Crystal Skull.


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