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Nana is an Elder wombyn of her tribe; the healer, wise wombyn. She looks human. After leaving Earth last time she was sent to the Moon. The Moon is under attack and low vibrational beings have taken up roost there. Nana and others are there to raise the frequency of the moon, similar to what is happening to Earth right now. The Moon is sacred to the Devine Feminine and in need of healing. As a collective, the Devine Feminine has been under attack for a long time. Low vibrational beings want to destroy it, but you cannot destroy creation itself. You can only injure it and weaken it.

Nana says that all wombyn are connected through the Moon. The Moon resides in each wombyn through her womb. Our wombs are in cycle with our mother, the Moon’s, cycles. The feminine collective are being traumatized through the womb because there is a direct link between the Moon Mother, Mother Earth and the Ocean Mother’s waters. The sacred three. Together they are creation.

Nana sees what is happening on Earth and needs to help from a better stand point. She must stay on the Moon, therefore, she had to find a portal to Earth. She found that through the crystal skulls. This way she can be here also and send healing light and information through the portal. The skulls are portals. Use them to heal the collective and learn from the beings that come through them. They can see the bigger picture, past, present and future, all now. The beings of our galaxy and others have come to support Earth in her transition. They have found a way to be even more powerful, through the crystal skulls, which gives them a physical anchor upon the Earth.

Nana wants to heal the Devine Feminine. The wombyn of Earth are suffering greatly. They all carry trauma in there womb. Even if they have not been physically/emotionally abused, chances are their mother or grandmother was and she carries that trauma with her. Until the work is done to heal and transmute this ancestral womb trauma, it will carry on to the next generation through the womb. It must be healed now! This is such an urgent matter that every single wombyn must address and heal. It is the hardest work of all the healing because it carries the highest reward. When the womb is healed, it heals other wombs; healing the Devine Feminine womb of creation and raising the vibration of all, even the Devine Masculine with her. Through the Mother is the secret to ascension. Through you, Your mother, her mother and the Mother of all, everything will be healed!

Nana wants to sit with you and hold sacred space for you to begin this healing journey, or if have already begun, it is time for the next level. In meditation she will take you to the secret meeting grounds of the Devine Feminine warriors and healers. You will sit in circle as they raise the energy for you and release the trauma to the great Mother to be transmuted. Then you will sit in the middle of the circle as they chant and pray ancient sacred prayers over you . You have been chosen, you chose to come for this and now you are being called to action. You felt it coming. It is here.

The Sacred Mothers will raise your frequency and remind you how to do it yourself, to heal yourself and others along your journey. You will become the healing light and carry all of the Sacred Mothers’ power with you each day. You can meet them in meditation when you need to cry and release what you have taken on from the healing of others, and when you just want to be recharged in the Devine light that restarts your love light and refreshes your memories again.

Go to them as you would a Great Grandmother and lay it all out in front of them. They will take everything off of your shoulders and pick you up in their arms collectively filling you with the unconditional love of the Great Mother of all. Showing you just how much healing you have done for the Devine Feminine, that you carry that power inside you of all the Ancestors before you, and all of the Goddesses and Creatrixes throughout time and assuring you that you DO got this.

Hold Nana at your heart and/or womb, whichever you are called to that day, and focus your thought there. See them filling you with the light through the skull. See the light coming from the skull right into you and swirling around pulling out an trauma or pain that is hidden there. See the light pushing this trauma down and out through your feet and into the Great Mother Earth where she will transmute it. Then see that light fill up your entire body till it overflows out and over the collective.

Nana will help you heal any sexual assault, childhood trauma, mother related trauma, and the physical manifestations of these in your body. Wear her and heal others that you share space with, perhaps triggering the beginning of their healing journey. Give her love and gratitude and she will return it 10 fold.

Cleanse Nana in smoke from sage or tobacco leaf, or lay her on the Earth. Do it differently, using each as you feel called. She will tell you.


Nana is 16" sterling silver. 


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