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Is a high-frequency Celestial Spirit Being from far away in our universe.

She is feminine energy with bright white radiant energy...assisting with deep heart healing and more.
Nebula is an expert working with the healing your Ancestors.

Her specialty is clearning your ancestral issues such as generational cycles and karmas that are not serving your lineage anymore. Nebula cleanses out the old energies and supports individuals start fresh from a loving place.
To connect with Nebula, please use your intuition on how often you hold the session. Ancestral clearing requires you to take it slow, and it is recomended to be gentle with yourself. Make yourself comfortable and sit down and meditate while holding Nebula with your left hand. Envision her white energy enter your crown down to your root chakra. Cycle the energy back and anchor it in your heart chakra. Breathe through the process and listen to your body. Let go of any emotions that want to be released and finished the session with a cleansing shower/ salt bath.
Cleanse Nebula after every session with sage and running water. Offer Nebula your gratitude and pray for your ancestors while holding Nebula with both hands. Nebula is a 2" High Definition Ocean Jasper. 


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