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Is an otherworldly Dolphin spirit.

She has two forms, a gray dolphin and a beautiful female. In her human form, she has blue hair, and she wears a gorgeous pink dress. Her aura is blue with brilliant sparkles. Her presence feels warm and nurturing.
Neremi works with two chakras, the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. 

She powerfully assists with your heart chakra healing by sending her energy to your heart chakra. Neremi will also facilitate the opening your third eye chakra, so you can utilize it to help you with discernment and connecting with your guides.

She also wants to assist you to experience inner bliss.

To bond with Neremi, she wants to connect with you on a deep level with your preferable way (meditation, sitting in silence, through dance or other). Hold her close and open your heart to her. She is a loving conscious Being and wants to nurture and help you.

Cleanse her with sage when you feel called to. She loves ocean theme things (like seashells) to be placed near her. Neremi is a pre-activated Volcanic Obsidian Glass Crystal Skull. 


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