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"OCCULUS" the Seer is a male conscious being who is a seer, scholar and a philosopher.

Exploring the subconscious.  Works with the third eye.  He has a serious energy.  Facilitates learning and teaching.  Sees the inside perspective.  Intuitive.  Helps make future decisions.  Reminds us to slow down and not make snap decisions.  Helps with mental clarity.  Shadow work counselor. Motivates with calm steady energy.  Helps with irrational fears and anxiety.  Absorbs stress.  Soul searcher.  Protector. 

Wants to be someones personal assistant.  

Place him on your 3rd eye and massage clockwise for stress relief.

Occulus is a handcarved black tourmaline elongated mayan shape pre-activated crystal skull with embeded flash of gemstone on the top of his head as well as on the underside of him. He is a powerul tool for healing and measures 2"L  1"W  1 1/4"H


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