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Androgynous, Elemental Electricity

Prana’s is a spiritual life force that manifest’s itself in the physical dimension.

Prana is a pure light vibrations, Prana saturates the body in vital currents of positive, electrical energy.

The energy that flows from Prana’s high frequency, can equalize the areas in your body for your best possible health and well-being, also positively effecting your personal space.

Once you are fully changed with this vital life energy, you can begin to radiate externally and charge your community and beyond all starting with one breath.

Prana sends light and love around you, use Prana to practice meditation, chanting, and breathing techniques.

Prana will brighten your aura, improve your outlook expanding your ability to give and receiving unconditional love.

Prana brings positive transformations in body and mind. Prana is facilitator of all chakras.

Prana is a good size Ocean Jasper.



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