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Is a Sea Being.

A healing spirit who uses the power of water to assist you with your heart healing. She appears as a beautiful female with a blue aura. 
Oceana specializes in helping you purify your heart chakra from heavy, dense emotions that could appear from your shadows or be absorbed by others.

Oceana is always there to offer her support to all lightworkers, healers or anyone who who has a stressful work or home environment.
To work with Oceana, lay down in a comfortable position. Play 432 Hz music and place Oceana on your heart. Use your breath to go inside to find yourself in a deep meditation and envision her blue energy washing off any dense energies from your heart chakra. You might experience visions during the session, or you might feel peaceful. Be open to her energy and surrender to the session. End the session when you feel guided.
Cleanse her with sage and saltwater when you feel guided to. Offer her your gratitude. Oceana loves to be placed near a body of water. You can get a small fountain or place her near you when you are in a bath.

Oceana is a pre-activated Titaniam coated Glass 3" Glass Crystal Skull.


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