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Is a Medicine Man and Shaman. He has an open connection to the other realms. He has three feathers standing atop his head reaching for the sky, like antennae.

Olmec works with the Spirits in the living things of Earth; stones, crystals, herbs, plants, trees, water, animals and the Earth Herself. He learns from the Other Side and translates it to you, his tribe. He helps you open your connection to, not only the other realms like ancestors and Spirit, etc., but also to the things in this realm that you may have not known have spirits as well. Meditate with him and he will be the go between with you and Spirit. Get to know the things around you on a deeper level. Everything comes into your life for a reason. You may ask them their purpose being with you now. Everything has something to teach us. He connects you to the Spirit of plants and herbs to find mixtures you need for almost any ailment or for enjoyment. You will learn to speak their language.

Sit outside with Olmec, quiet your mind, and hear the tree’s songs. There is music in nature and each plant has its own place and sound, like a symphony. He helps you find the ears to hear it all. He will constantly relay messages to you from Spirit. When you ask a question in your head, you will get an answer now. If you work with your Ancestors, Olmec will help you communicate more clearly with them and even introduce you to new ones that have come to teach you or help you in some way.

If you do some kind of divination like tarot or scrying, he is a great partner; helping you hold an open connection to Spirit.

Ask him what herbs to use in your tea for that day to accomplish what you have planned. Ask him to speak to the elements for you when you need the rainy day to clear up, or maybe you need more rain, etc. Sit in meditation and ask how you can be more in tune. Messages are constantly being given, however, many do not see or listen. He helps you with this, attuning your frequency to the higher realms. Walk with him in nature and feel your connectedness to all things. You become one with elements around you. You raise your vibration and the vibration of your entire environment. To cleanse Olmec lay him on the Earth to transmute any energy he may have picked up. Burn sage to cleanse or set the mood for meditation with him.

Olmec is pre-activated 108 Japa Skull Mala. 


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