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Om Sha La 

Is an aquatic, shapeshifting being from off of the coast of Africa, in the horn of Africa.

Om Sha La is concerned about the ocean waters of Earth. She helps keep them energetically and physically clean and her job is getting harder. She works with the humans now to accomplish this.

Om Sha La helps you cleanse the waters in your human body. We are mostly aquatic beings inside too, she says. She helps you learn how to cleanse and fast, cleansing each of your cells from the inside. The water has memory just like crystals. You can program it and also return it to its original state and full power.

Om Sha La can show you how to use the sacred waters to your benefit. Using the water to bathe and cleanse by setting your intention first and communicating with the water what you need. 

Sit in meditation with Om Sha La and chant what you feel in your heart. Listen to your intuition. She will sing through you, her songs that purify and raise consciousness. Don’t feel silly. Let the sounds come through you and imagine them being carried from ocean to ocean, you are healing and helping to heal Mother Earth by doing this. 

Ask Om Sha La for guidance and advice. 

Cleanse Om Sha La in blessed waters. Chant or pray over the water first, clearing and programming it to cleanse at its highest original levels. You may sage her and play high frequency hertz music to cleanse and clear her frequency. Cleanse yourself in the same ways as you cleanse her to maintain your open energetic connection at these high frequencies.


Amethyst Quartz Skull Necklace ~made in 18" Sterling Silver with Pearls and Amethyst.

Om Sha La

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