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is pure love vibration. She works with your heart chakra, opening it up wide. She wants to heal the heart from all heartbreak and trauma. She teaches you how to move forward from heartache and leave it in the past.

Ora teaches self love and acceptance. She feels like a big warm hug.

Ora will help you tune your heart chakra to a higher frequency, bringing more joy and peace into your life. She will show you how to forgive yourself and trust yourself again.

Ora teaches us to live through our heart center. If you have been living to much through your head, Ora is a great teacher to help you balance that out.

Ora helps heal your inner child, allowing you to fully trust in your intuition again. As your trust grows your intuition will get stronger and louder.

Ora teaches peace and accomplishing what you want through cooperation instead of competition. She reminds you that each being is just as important as the other. From the moss growing on the side of a tree to the Prime Minister of a country, to the land herself. In balance and equality is where the peace is found and she will show you how to start with you, which will move outward from there. You will become the teacher as well, through how you show others you live.

Sit in meditation with Ora and ask her to heal your heart or anything you need healed at that moment. See your heart opening to her and allowing her loving peaceful energy in. Ask her to show you how to live more from your heart space and a place of forgiveness and love.

Cleanse Ora in running water or sage. Place her on the Earth to cleanse her and also to ground that loving energy of cooperation and peace, into Mother Earth.

Place her on your heart to cleanse and ground that energy to you as well.

Ora is a Pre-Activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 1 1/2"L and weighing 1.5 ounces 


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