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Orca is a male Spirit Guild and is the master of the sea. He is a Spiritual Guild and a Guardian. Orca believes in being close to family and friends, staying closely connected to the Pod. Orca has a nurturing and caring personality, he loves to look over you and your family especially, protecting children from harm.  Orca will help you dive deeply into the mind and explore the ocean of your subconscious.Orca’s vibrational songs will help you see visions, and even remember your dreams.  Orca bring about harmony, friendships and community.  He will protect you when you or your loved ones travel away from home.  He leads you safely back to your own pod.  Orca loves to be near water, you can set him near a small bowl of sea salt water in tribute to his spirit, adding shells and such around his placement alter.  Orca is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra ans is made primarly in Snowflake Obsidian and is a pre-activated Crystal Skull in a 108 Japa mala.


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