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Ore is an elemental earth dragon who came from a deep underground cavern.
Ore has two forms, his dragon form, and his energy form. Both forms have a light glowing blue aura.
He is a kind dragon who works closely with Mother Earth.
Ore’s energy brings good luck, blessings, and wealth.
Ore’s primary specialty is to absorb pain. Sometimes, trauma can get stuck in our field long after the lesson happens.
Ore has the ability to absorb your deep pain from your aura and energetic field.
He can assist with grounding work and ease any level of anxiety with his healing energy.
Ore helps to open your connection with your ancestors, so they can help to guide you.
Enjoy a quiet meditation to connect with Ore’s energy.
Hold him with your left palm and set the intention to be open to receive his assistance.
His energy manifests through feelings and emotions. Breathe through the session and get ready to let go of things that are no longer serving you.
Place Ore on earth when you feel guided to let him transmute the energy he absorbs.
Give him your gratitude and cleanse him with sage.

Ore is a Lapis lazuli pre-activated Crystal Skull. 


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