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Otter is a Natice Guild and Waterway Spirit. He is a joyful and a free spirited vibration of being outdoors in nature.  Otter is found on the natural creeks and river's because he is a River Otter!  Otter wants to show you how the natural world  looks from his perspective.  Oter works beautifully with a nature lover.  He is a land and water conservationalist and would have you venture out on hikes and camping.  Otter is incredibly sociable and has many friends with similar interests.  He is a doer getting involved with projects that include protecting the environment.  Otter will bring many opportunities and new friends into your life.  Even if otter is at home, his spiritual protection will guide you to stay on your path.  Otter enjoys listening to native flute playing, acoustic guitar, and folk music.  He would encourage you to journal about your future camping trips or adventures!  Otter is a facilitator of the heart chakra.  He is a pre-activated standard carving Crystal Skull. 


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