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Is the Yoruba Goddess of the storms. She is the winds of change and the transition and rebirth, through destruction of the false. She is the storms, winds and hurricanes.

Oya comes in and, like a hurricane, tears down anything built on unstable ground or through false façades. She is compared to Kali Ma and the Phoenix and is the primordial mother of chaos. She helps you harness these energies within you, and use them to your benefit.

She is a Goddess of destruction, death and rebirth. Something must die to be reborn anew. She brings your attention to the things in your life that are not as stable as you think they are. Relationships may crumble and truths revealed once and for all. As the walls are torn down to reveal the foundation, you will know what has been built on falsehoods. You will find new inner strength working with Oya and you will rebuild your life with new understandings and confidence, knowing that now they were built on stability.

You will have a renewed confidence and walk a little taller, knowing your worth and never settling for less.

You see right through falsehoods and lies being sold to you. Oya blows through your life clearing a path for you to build your dreams upon. Once your path is clear you will know which way to go and what to do next and have all seeing and knowing. Ask for guidance and listen!

You shed your old self like the Sacred Serpent, revealing the brand new, shiny you that has always been underneath. You will burn with the passion to go for your dreams and bring them into reality. You will once again remember your power and hold the powers of the storms to tear through anything trying to stand in the way.

With the powers of the wind your voice will find new confidence. You will speak up for yourself and call out the lies you see. You will speak your truth and not be silenced any longer. Your stories will be told so that you may start healing.

Your inner child will scream loudly what they want and will no longer be pushed down for others benefit and your inner child healing begins here. Oya is like the stern Mother who loves unconditionally, but will tell it how it is when you are wrong. You will embody her traits. If you need confidence to stand up for yourself or to find your voice again, she is the one for you. She reminds you that you already have everything inside of you that you need to be happy and successful. She helps you give birth to yourself, shedding the old away.

You ride her winds into your new life and new you with the confidence and pride of a Goddess! Oya is a Goddess and should be treated as such, with great respect and reverence. Look into her and read about her to understand more and find out how to better work with her and thank her. Give her offerings and gratitude.

Cleanse Oya with the winds of sage and reenergize her with the sounds of the thunderstorms and put her in the window to watch the storms.


28" pre- activated hand strung skull mala with an Amethyst Quartz Crystal Skull and natural high-grade Amethyst and Garnet beads. 


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