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Padma is a devotee of the Goddess Lakshmi.
During her lifetime, she was known as a fierce, courageous, and graceful woman.
Padma continues her journey of ascension by helping you in the 3D realm.
Padma brings the balance of Masculine and Feminine.
She will assist you in embodying the harmony between your masculine and feminine.
Padma works with your soul.
She guides you through nudges and brings realizations through your awareness.
Padma assists you in following the path of your soul.
Her energy will give you the courage and motivation to follow your heart calling. Padma will help you to explore yourself to attain self-respect and set boundaries to honor your soul.
Meditate to connect with Padma. Have an open heart and let go of your expectations.
Practice intuitive writing after if you feel to.
Padma will pray with you. Doing a random act of kindness to raise your soul frequency is her favorite.
Cleanse her with incense and water.
Give your love and thanks.

Padma is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull. 


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