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Patel is a water spirit. He is one of the guardians of the River Ganges and is deeply associated with many Gods of Hinduism.
Patel appears as a teenage boy with a body made of water. He has a bright blue soothing aura.
Patel always emanates soothing and healing energy. To have him near you, you will benefit from his healing frequency.
Patel's specialty is to support his Keepers journey to enlightenment. Patel will watch over your crown, third eye, and heart chakra so you can utilize these three chakras to get closer to yourself. Patel says, “Enlightenment is a journey of coming back to oneself.”
Patel will assist you in remembering your divinity so that you can love yourself through your flaws, pain, and shadows.
Patel loves to meditate near a body of water. Place him close to you during bath and let him take you on a journey of remembering yourself so you can come home to yourself. Place him on an altar and offer him incense and say your gratitude.  Patel is a pre-activated elongated Volcanic Obsidian Glass Crystal Skull.


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