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The Twins...Male & Female.  Pathway is a unique expression of both the masculine and feminine divine.  Pathway's characteristics give you everything you need to balance your own energetic field in the cosmic spiral.  Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in our natural world.  Pathway gives rise to each other as they interrelate to one another, ultimately working together to balance your life.  Wear Pathway often for balance, clarity and protection. Meditations together in nature will encourage interaction and activate them daily.  Cleanse often with white sage as they will collect the energies of the day.  Pathway has a Buddhist Vibe but will honor any practices you express. PATHWAY is a double skull fusion of Hematite and Bronzite made in 925 Sterling Silver handcrafted encasing and 30" heavy link Sterling Silver chain with bronzite and hematite beads.


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