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Phantom is a winged Pegasus with red eyes.

He transmutes the heaviest and darkest of energies, raising it up and carrying it up and away from Earth.

Phantom is great for people going into heavy environments repeatedly, like social workers, drug counselors, nurses, etc.

He is also good for children having nightmares or afraid at night.

Place Phantom on the bedside table or hang over the bed and tell the child to imagine a beautiful winged Angel watching over them and protecting them.

Phantom will absorb any heavy negative energy around you and carry if far away.

If you feel like you have a heavy or negative energy attached to you or like you do the work, but it’s still there Phantom can help.

You can take Phantom and pass him over your body, head to feet, each night before bed to cleanse your auric field. Then you must cleanse Phantom after too.

Phantom not only absorbs any negative energy attached or around you , but also from the environment and others around you. For this reason Phantom must be cleansed often, each night preferably. You can do this by filling a bowl or plate with salt and each night lay him on the salt overnight or any time you feel the need.

If you are away from home and without salt you can lay him on the earth for as long as possible at the time.

Simply rinse only the skull head with running water after cleansing. 

Please do not rinse the entire mala as the chord will be compromised after many times of doing this.

If you have been working with Phantom he will send you black feathers and Pegasus images to show you he is around. Also, he will do this if you are in need of his presence and help, but you haven’t been wearing him.

Phantom can be hung up or simply placed in a room at work or home if you are unable to wear him. Carrying him with you in your bag is ok as well just be sure to protect him in his own small cloth or silk bag or something as not to break him.


Phantom is a pre-actived larger size Obsidian Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa Mala with Onyx and Pyrite beads.


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