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Holds the power of the desert, of fire and Earth and she represents ransformation and Rebirth.

Phoenix will ignite that fire in your belly and give you wings. You will soar to new heights and see things from a much higher perspective.

When you have questions on which way to go or big decisions to make, you will feel your answers in your root chakra and solar plexus. Go within and really feel your intuition and hunches. You may feel butterflies in your stomach or a literal warmth, like a fire igniting inside you.

Phoenix will bring you courage to go after that dream and the ambition to follow it through. Phoenix will show you magic and just how the law of attraction really works.

Cleanse Phoenix by setting her in the sun for a few minutes and placing her on the Earth. On a plant’s soil inside is fine too. Sage her or use palo santo also. Burn a candle next to her to recharge her and when you meditate with her. You may get visions in the flames of candles, a fireplace or bonfire. Phoenix is a Fully-Activated Titanium coated Crystal Skull set into a 108Japa Mala made with Natural Turquoise and Recon Amber Beads.


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