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Pixiu (pronounced pee shoe)

Is a guardian who sits atop a great mountain overlooking the lands.

Pixiu is a guardian of wealth and he brings wealth to you and then protects that wealth so that it does not flow back out.

If you have had an especially hard time making or keeping your money in abundance, Pixiu will change all of that.

Pixiu has the head of a Dragon, the body of a Lion and feathered wings.

Sit with Pixiu in meditation and think thoughts of abundance. Let him know what you seek and he will go out looking for it and bring it back.

Treat him with respect and give him a prominent place in your home. 

Set him on your wallet or money to bless it with his energy, attracting more to you. You can make a money blessing bowl with your spare change and keep it near him. Wear him out and see that you are treated with kindness and gifts from strangers.

Cleanse him with sage and palo santo. Run water over him to wash away stagnancy and speak abundance and gratitude into him when you are feeling at your most abundant.

Pixiu is an Opalite Crystal Skull 108 Japa Mala hand strung with Moonstone Labradorite and Lapis Lazuil beads. 


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