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POLARITY is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull.  This conscious Being is Humorous.  Refreshing.  Replenishing the spirit.  Water Element.  Says that opposites attract or repel.  Tells riddles.  Philosopher.  He's a thinker.  Brings clear thoughts.  Brings joy and humor.   Helps you to see clear visions.  Helps balance our nature.  Perfect for a introvert but he would enjoy socializing too.  Duplicity.  Balance.  POLARITY'S comes from a Lemurian Quartz mine in Brasil and carved by a Brazilian cutter.  He is a pre-activated Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull that measures 2  3/4"L  1  2/3"W  2"H and weighs just over a 1/2 a pound. 

Polarity (Larry)

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