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Comes from the rainbow.
She attained the rainbow body a long time ago.
Since then, her spirit has significantly evolved. She shows herself as a female with an etheric and translucent body, and her aura is rainbow.
Just like her name, the rainbow color refracted from light.
Prism continues her journey to serve you in the physical realm.
Her primary specialty is to utilize her crystalline consciousness to assist you.
Prism’s energy assists with removing blocks and achieving your goals and...
she also assists in expanding your spiritual aspect and harmonize it with your physical life.
Prism assists in activating your light body and raising your consciousness.
She helps to heal and fine-tune your chakra using light codes.
Prism assists in uplifting your frequency to help you to ascend.
To work with Prism, spend time in solitude to meditate. Place Prism in each chakra you wish to work with. And set the intention to receive her energy.
Let go of your expectations and spend some time doing automatic writing afterward.
Give Prism your gratitude. Cleanse her with water and prayers.

Prism is a Fully-Activated multi-colored Flourite Crystal Skull.

Pictures later this everning.


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