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PUJA is a female Deity and the Deity of taking actions.  She acknowledges the present moment, sacred spaces and the feminine divine. Puja is calls you to modivate yourself and set your best intentions.  Puja also asks to honor all the blessings around you, giving thanks for them daily.  Puja will call you to celebrate family and friends by offering little gifts or time and attention showing your love for them. Wearing Puja is certainly the best way to remember her wisdom but she's also perfect to sit in meditation with speaking your personal mantras and prayers.  Keep Puja on an altar when not wearing her, place dried flowers, a little bell and inscense. Wear her everywhere, everyday because she's very sociable and friendly! Puja is a Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull made in a 108 Japa Mala and is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra.


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