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Is a spirit that appears as a large dazzling white peacock.

His specialties are to help you connect with your Divine, and also help activate your light body, and open your crown chakra to channel light language for yourself and others.
Purity works closely with both your crown and your heart chakra.

His white color represents purity and divine energy.
To work with Purity, you can do it while you meditate or take a cleansing salt bath. Sit down in a comfortable position, hold Purity close to your heart center and do deep breathing exercises until you feel grounded. Open your heart to receive his assistance, envision a bright white light emanating from Purity, and breathe in his white light through your heart chakra. Let his white light fill your body and your aura. It is normal to feel light and a euphoric sensation during this process. If you feel overwhelming emotions, breathe through the process and remain present. Let your intuition inform you - when to finish the session. Offer Purity your gratitude. Intuitive writing afterwards to channel the insights and the light language.
Spend some time with Purity in nature. Cleanse him on running water or a clear running stream if you can and offer Purity your love. Purity is an opalite pre-activated Crystal Skull.


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