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Purple Rain ️

Purple Rain is a Violet Light Being.

He’s an energy that never sits still.

Purple Rain has been mentioned in songs in our modern times, but Purple Rain is not a sound vibration at all, he’s all about violet light vibrations! 

Purple Rain is a wanderlust, captured in the high frequency of movement.

He will represents the future, and can revisit the past.

Purple Rain sparks the imagination, and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions.

Purple Rain will inspire and enhance psychic abilities and spiritual enlightenment at the same time keep you grounded.

Take Purple Rain with you where ever you go, he loves to travel.

Purple Rain will help with those feelings of just Stuck.

When ever you’d like to spiritually unclog, sit with Purple Rain and get a concise, prospective to feel rebalanced.

Keep purple rain is cleansed with mudras and white sage and this keeps his vibrations high. He’s the facilitator of Crown Chaka and is a small size pre-activated dark Amethyst Quartz Crystal Skull

Purple Rain

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