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Quesillo Quesello is a white rose spirit.  An activator of purification. Quesello is a sacred being, who is here to purify your vessel. To bring balance to your energetic, physical, mental and spiritual bodies for realignment to your highest order of truth and divination. Quesello also brings in beauty unlike anything you’ve experienced before, you will experience heart explosions of beauty and appreciation. He is also a romantic lover, and you will see a heightened passion + pleasure in your life and in your romantic partnership. The heat will rise. Quesello opens your eyes and heart to your true divinity and worth, through this you will experience life in a whole new and exhilarating way. Quesello is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra and made in 8mm Natural Ruby and Quartz Beads with a Quartz Crystal Skull.

Quesillo #9

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