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Rainbow Bright 

Is a Celestial Light Being with a rainbow aura and she glows like the brightest Suns. Her energy is so large that she must shrink herself to the size of a Faery to show herself to humans. Her light is too bright for their eyes and her being too large for them to comprehend in their current state.

As you work with her you may see a movement out of the corner of your eye or swear you saw a Faery. As you work with her more and integrate her energy with yours you will see her more clearly.

Rainbow Bright will activate your chakras and in time help you attune your rainbow body. She will help clear out your energy centers (chakras), and reenergize them. Making them spin faster and grow larger. As they get bigger and stronger they can be seen outside of your body in your energy field. As they grow, they start to merge together into one, creating a rainbow that can be seen around you. Your rainbow body, your rainbow aura.

Rainbow Bright especially helps with the higher three chakras. The heart, the third eye and the crown chakras. Connecting them so they may work together as one system. Once you have reached the clearing and healing of the top three chakras your ascension will move much more quickly.

Rainbow Bright heals your emotional body. If your emotional field is not healed your energy centers can not work at full capacity. She starts with the wounds held in each energy field. From not feeling safe or stable, to lack of self esteem and self love, to allowing love in and seeing the world as an abundant, exciting, safe and loving place, not a scary one. These wounds started in childhood and have grown on top of each other all these years. You will dig through the scar tissue, removing them like energetic surgery. You will call them out and realize they hold no truth in your current life, allowing you to release them with love, and no judgement, and thank them for the lessons they taught you and the protection they provided you. After you have released them with love ask Rainbow Bright to shine her Divine Source light into these areas, refilling you with true unconditional love from Source. She will stand by you as long as this takes to move through your entire systems. Time does not exist where she is and in meditation with her time will seem to stand still.

Rainbow Bright is your personal Guardian Angel. She will walk with you through your healing and ascension. You must ask her for help each day! She needs your permission to interfere in your human life, so don’t forget to ask her each morning and whenever you need assistance. Ask and it shall be given!

Meditate with Rainbow Bright outside in the sun or in a window where the light can reach you. Feel the sun on your skin as you imagine Rainbow Bright’s light filling you up for the day.

Rainbow Bright will show you her rainbows everywhere. From inside of her skull, in the skies, and through images in your reality. This is her way of letting you know she is always with you and that you are right where you are supposed to be. Right on time!

Cleanse her with blessed water (simply say a prayer or affirmation into the water as you hold it in your hands and breathe your life force energy into it).

Cleanse her with high frequency music, like crystal singing bowls. Sage her when you feel she needs it.

Rainbow Bright is a pre-acivated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/4"L   1 1/4"W 2"H weighing 1/3 pounds. 

Rainbow Bright

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