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Rainbow Rain is a rainbow body crystalline Being. Both masculine and feminine equally. They are childlike, but have the knowing and power of a master energy healer and sage. They bend energy/light and can send it right to where it needs to go to shine rainbow light into the darkest places. They are a healer that has come from New Earth to heal the inner child on people that have suffered greatly and need that extra support to heal themselves.

Rainbow Rain specializes on working with your inner child, first healing them to receive their rainbow body, and then you. From the inside out. This is someone who may seem to have everything together on the outside, but it is because they had to lock away the inner child in order to function in society. You can not move on until this work is done and your inner child is brought into the light to heal. You know who you are and have been called by Rainbow Rain. The time has come.

Rainbow Rain would also like to work with any children that are in need of healing from trauma. It would do great things for you to do meditations with groups of children or adults to do this work. You do not necessarily need to explain who Rainbow Rain is, but the children might like that. You can simply have Rainbow Rain nearby supervising and holding the energy/light steady. You may give Rainbow Rain to a child in need of such a friend. The possibilities are endless as to how to help them spread their light. One at a time or in groups. Either way it affects the entire collective. Children and inner children are master manifestors and should be healed immediately as they are the most important involved in creating the higher vibration and New Earth. 

Rainbow Rain says the children do not need to be present to receive the healing. If you do not have any or are not currently around children daily, you can sit in meditation as the children around the world sleep and send the light out over the entire Earth to reach who needs it. If you do not have a focused person you are working on then focus on the collective as a whole.

Rainbow Rain says sit in meditation and hold them at heart level. After you have reached the right energy and breath, see rainbow rain raining down over you and filling you up inside. Once you are full of the rainbow light focus on your heart, that is the portal. Focus the rainbow shooting out from your heart and spreading across the Earth and farther. See rainbow rain falling down from the heavens all over the land and over the all of humanity. Imagine people dancing in the rain,  drinking it and absorbing it into their bodies as they lay in the puddles. See them with rainbows shooting from their hearts now and making it brighter and stronger.

You use the same meditation even if it is a small group or only yourself that is being healed at the moment.

You can use actual rain to do this too. Stand out in the rain and imagine it is rainbow colored falling all around you, filling you up until you overflow and flood the world in rainbow. In the shower each day you can picture the same thing. Let the rainbow waters fall over you washing everything low vibrating away. Everything you have collected, all the un helpful thoughts, arguments, or feelings of lack. Just let them all wash down the drain, out into the ocean and transmuted. Let the rainbow fill you up and carry that inside your body all day, shining it where it needs to go and on people in need of it. Become the rainbow. Hold that light and share it.

Rainbow Rain will meet you in dreamtime also. You can astral travel with them as you high vibrating guide. They can show you New Earth and have you start creating your version of the perfect Earth. Each person will have a tribe on New Earth. Groups of people that have created similar environments in their minds will go there with the others. Examples are tropical areas, wooded areas, the beach, living in treehouses or crystalline cities, etc. Wherever your perfect place is, is where you will go first. It can be changed at any moment. Your tribes are starting to come together now. The people you resonate with here and are attracted to here for some reason may be your tribe. You will all be together on New Earth. That is why the strangers feel like family. Anyone that has transitioned from Earth will also be available to you there. Whether living there with you or they can come visit you if they have chosen to live elsewhere. Either way they will be there to welcome you at the home coming.

Hold Rainbow Rain near your heart and hug them when you are feeling your best, filling them with gratitude, love and joy to recharge them.

Rainbow Rain can be cleansed by rain, spring, or running water. Just rinse them in it. Use sage smoke. You can cleanse with singing bowl music or 425 hertz frequency also. Rainbow Rain is a 2 1/2 "L 1/2 pound quartz Crystal Skull.

Rainbow Rain

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