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A Royal and Exalted Energy.


Humble and Virtuous.


Known by many names…


King, is also known as Aetos Dios and also known as the Eagle of Zeus.

He was once a virtuous mortal king.

He brings lineage healings. He helps with karma clearing.

He is a mentor to help you advance spiritually and foster your spiritual gifts. He brings major transformation and blessings.


This King is from the golden-winged bird race. He appears in his humanoid form as a man wearing an ornate golden crown with golden upper arm cuffs. He is cladded in golden jewelry and golden clothing.

His aura is gold, and his presence is majestic. He brings the gift of courage and dignity and assists in opening your heart chakra so that you can understand your soul’s blueprints. King helps you triumph and attract blessings as well as removes obstacles so that you can be more successful in life.


King is a noble spirit, that requests to be placed on an altar when not in use and also likes when incense is offered.


King is a 108 Japa Mala hand-carved bone Eagle made with a handmade Sterling Silver crown and hand strung bone and Turquoise beads.


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