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is a primordial shark and protective guardian of the Earth. He is ancient and ageless on Earth. Living seemingly forever. He is full of wisdom, Earth and water magic, and strength.

Ramu will help you swim those dark inner caves of hidden emotions to reveal and heal them, and set you free.

He is a great protector while you visit the dark to shine your light there. Ramu is great for shadow work. He will guide and protect you. Just ask him.

Ramu heals Ancestral trauma all the way to the beginning of your lineages. Healing these wounds once and for all and raising your entire line in frequency.

Ramu is great for healing the past and Ancestor work. He will help you connect with your Ancestors and other beings.

Ramu brings the past and present into one, healing all.

Ramu will help you remember your own past lives and bring forward what you learned there to help you now.

Ramu is of Sacred Indigenous medicine. He can teach you the secrets of the Great Mother Earth herself and how to work with her energies. As well as, the great deep oceans leading to other realms.

Ramu will show you all aspects of yourself like looking into a dark scrying mirror, and bringing up that which was hidden so that it may be healed with light.

Ramu will protect your energy and your space. Connect with him in meditation and ask for what you need. Ramu will know what else you need that you may not even be aware of. He will bring the dark and light into balance within and around you.

You may start seeing sharks and ocean themes around you when he is trying to get your attention or let you know he hears you and is with you.

Cleanse Ramu in moving water and set him on a plate of salt. You may sage him before meditation or when you feel called.


Ramu is a pre-activated Black Obsidian Crystal Skull weighing 8 ounces and measuring 2 1/2"L  2"W  2 1/2"H.


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