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Siren 🧜🏼‍♀️

Is an ancient and high-frequency extraterrestrial consciousness. She came from a race of aquatic Beings from the constellation of Carina, an ancient civilization where Being exists with love and understanding to one another. Siren shows herself with purple scales, a long serpent like tail, and large eyes. Looking at her eyes is almost like looking at the night sky filled with thousands of stars. She assists with the soul’s Union, helping you align your soul, mind, and body to raise your vibration with love. She connects with you through telepathy, and she will heal you with a healing frequency similar to a dolphin song. Siren’s energy brings a deeply peaceful feeling to your heart, filling your heart with her light. It is normal to feel a cold sensation when receiving her energy. Siren assists with remembering your oldest past life and re-activates your soul’s light. She opens your light channel to help your soul to receive ascension codes. Connect with Siren while listening to a dolphin song, and she will meet you in the higher astral.


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