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Love Heart

Healer associated with Lady Nada.

Love Heart originated from a Temple in Atlantis.
She has beautiful gold and pink aura and who emanates love.
Her specialty is the Divine Love frequency that she utilizes to help people to heal. Love Heart works with your heart chakra to help open and heal pain and trauma in your heart.
She helps to open your heart portal to utilize the divine love within you to help yourself and others.
She also assists in karma clearing as well.
Love Heart works continuously to remove karmic ties that are no longer serve you.
Her energy assists with raising your vibration through self-love and forgiveness.
Love Heart enjoys quiet meditation or connecting through self-care.
Her energy manifests through thoughts and nudges.
Offer Love Heart your gratitude and love.
Rose flowers are Love Hearts favorite.
Cleanse Love Heart with rose water and prayers.

One Iron Quartz pre-activated 4"L Crystal Skull weighing 1 1/2 pounds 

Love Heart

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