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What a name for a little rose quartz skull. Renegade is neither male or female, but is both male and female. Non binary. Where they come from there is not a separation of male and female. There is not duality on their planet as on Earth. The beings just ARE.

Renegade has a big mission for such a tiny skull. The size was important because they want to go with you everywhere.

Renegade is ready to shake things up here on Earth. They have come to open everyone’s hearts. They want to come in contact with as many people as they can. They can stay hidden in your pocket or purse it won’t matter. Or you can show them off. Either way they will affect the people’s hearts.

At first it may seem like a little chaos around you, but it will settle. It is because everyone in Renegades presence is going to start purging any hurt, anger, judgements, resentment, trauma, etc., that has kept their heart from opening fully. They must release those things in order for their next step in evolution.

Renegade has come to get the job done. No more wasting time in a lower vibration. If you have been trying to release the past and heal, but weren’t sure where or how to start, Renegade has come to fix that. They will initiate healing immediately.

Renegade has come to raise the entire vibration of humanity. They are a little power house of energy. Do not let their size fool you. They will turn the coldest hearts warm again. If there is conflict that can not be resolved or the other person is on a different path than you, it will become very clear and you will find the strength and means to leave such situations. Whether it is a job, marriage, or friendship. Whatever is holding you back from living in your highest heart led vibration will be shown to you and left behind.

Renegade was called to you for a reason. This is no coincidence. But, you know that. It is time to heal and evolve.

Sit with Renegade in meditation and ask for their help in your healing process. They will hold space for you to safely purge those old memories and traumas you are holding onto. Hold them near your heart when it is hurting and ask them to ease it and fill it with healing light. They are compassionate and love humanity. That is why they are here. They want to teach everyone how to heal and how to love again.

Cleanse Renegade with sage and running water. Recharge Renegade through love frequency. When you feel so happy and loving hold them to your heart and pour that love into them. Let a child hug them and love them. This is how you thank them and reenergize them with gratitude and love. Tell them when you are grateful for them.

Renegade is a Pre-Activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2"L and weighing 2.1 ounces. 


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