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Has chosen the Lapis Lazuli gemstone to offer her service because it holds the ancient secrets of the sacred lands written in it’s very structure.

Rhea is in charge of the sacred harvest. She watches over the ancient lands and how they were being tended and respected and handed out much abundance during harvest because of this. She also hands out the consequences for disrespect, glutton, and ungratefulness, by drying out the lands until the people are respectful and grateful in their actions for the harvest again.

Rhea brings you the remembrance of what could be and just how blessed you are to have everything you do. She teaches humbleness and gratitude, respect for spirit’s help and gratefulness to the great Mother Earth for all she provides. She reminds you that it can all be taken away in a moment or given in abundance again, depending on your thoughts and actions. Be grateful for all you have and you shall have even more. Start feeling ungrateful and see how fast it crumbles.

Rhea wants to bring you all of the abundance and she will teach you how to manifest it and keep it.

Rhea reminds you to give thanks to your Ancestors that came before you and to the lands that have always selflessly provided. Speak blessings over your food and water and watch them heal your body. Give thanks to your Spirit Team and watch miracles happen before your eyes. Give thanks to the lands and watch her overflow with a golden harvest.

Rhea brings the rains or withholds them. She can rinse all of your worries away or drown you in them. It’s all up to you. She is a Dragon and does not want us to forget that.

Rhea will meet you in meditation and show you what life could look like when you live in gratitude and sweetness. When you share and care for others, it is given back to you many times over. She wants you to remember you are a caretaker as well. Take care of your fellow people and the lands, waters, and air. You may feel called to protest for the protection of these things and fight for their protection. You are probably already doing so and Rhea has noticed and wants to work with you.

Call on her when you need back up in defending what is right and sacred. Ask her to show you the path of least resistance to where you want to go. Call on her when you need the rains to come or to let up.

In the shower or bath, ask her to wash away what was, making room for what is coming. To wash away worry and replace it with visions of exactly how to get where you are going. To rinse away all negative and ungrateful thoughts, replacing them with feelings of abundance and gratitude. She wants to help you be abundant in all areas and she has chosen you to do so.

Cleanse Rhea with any of the elements. Water, smoke, Earth, sage. Rinse her with the sacred waters. Set her on the Earth to help heal it and so she may transmute any heavy energies she has picked up. Sage her or use Dragon’s Blood incense also.

Rhea is a pre-activated 4"L Lapis Lazuli Dragon Skull weighing 9.1 ounces. 


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