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Rianekke (pronounced Ree anna key)

Heals through the waters. He wants to teach you the secrets of the Sacred waters and how to use them to heal your life. He will have you going to rivers, lakes or the ocean to cleanse your body and recharge your energy. When you can not go to physical waters you can use a shell, sand, rock or wood that holds the vibration of the waters that it came from and meditate with it. Rianekke will teach you that water has memory and how to program your water to heal any ailment you have. He will teach you how to use water properly and to be mindful when around it. Do not complain or worry in front of the water you plan to drink. It absorbs those thoughts, magnifies them and gives them back to you. Instead speak positive affirmations into your water and tell it thank you, I love you, I am ever grateful for you, or thank you for healing my “—“. State what you want to create because the waters are listening and magnifying it for you. You could be making yourself sick by putting negative energy into your drinking water and then consuming it, where it merges with every one of your cells. Bless your food as well, as it has water in it and you can program that water too.

Rianekke is from an ancient ice cave inside the Earth, in Siberia. There, a people live that humanity has yet to be told of. They are high vibrational energy beings that most of humanity would not be able to see with their human eyes anyway. It is from here that the Sacred waters of Mother Earth flow outward, blessing the planets beings and lands. These waters are Sacred and in purest form possible on Earth. I has been untouched by humanity since the beginning of creation and still carries its original code sequences of healing, restoring, aligning and ascending. It’s memories are untainted and it still vibrates at pure Source Love frequency. These are the waters of eternal life that humans tell stories about. To drink from these waters, would transform you instantaneously. Purifying all of the waters that run through your human body, resetting your DNA sequences to their original complete writings and setting you free of your material body. 

Rianekke reminds us that the rains, the waters, are the key to life. We come from the waters and our bodies are mostly made of those waters. Our offspring grow and come Earthside through these Sacred waters of the Mother of all creation. All life came from the waters first.  When you shower or bathe use to waters to cleanse you each day and clear your energy field. Imagine the worries or stress are washing away with the water down the drain and far away from you.  Water is there to give you life. It can sustain life, create life, absorb, magnify and return to you blessings and abundance. Water is a record keeper like crystals are. It has been proven to have memory and react to your energy and words by changing its actual structure. Meditate with Rianekke and visit the Sacred ice caves inside Earth’s womb. Meet the Elders and learn from them. Work together to heal the waters of Earth that are being polluted and traumatized, by sending love and gratitude to the oceans, rivers and lakes. Enter the oceans and once again breath under water, swimming with dolphins, whales and turtles. You can survive without food, but never without water. Rianekke wants you to remember where you came from: the waters of the Great Mother. Treat the waters of Earth with respect, gratitude and love and you will be given so much in return. Sacred Water holds the secret to life, because it literally is life itself.

Rianekke is a Sterling Silver 18" Turquoise handwired Necklace with a natural Turquoise Skull.


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