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Is the God of thunder and lightening. He holds the power of electricity; electric velocity. He uses the invisible highway of radio and sound waves to relay and gather information. He is connected to the information passing along through the internet through sound. He awakens humanity to zero point energy and shows that it is always available. He connects you to the infinite field of connected communication and information that runs constantly. This energy is not to be held and hidden from humanity. It belongs to everyone equally.

Richter fights to awaken people so they may pass info along to the others. He wants you to envision an Earth with free energy. Money is completely unnecessary to humanity. The truth is coming out that the power of electricity has been harnessed and used to control humanity. It belongs to no one, not even me (Richter). You will discover a life free of any and all restrictions. No more internet, phone, or electricity bills. 

Richter wants you to look more into this and tell others about it. Look up Tesla’s free energy coil and see where that leads you. He wants to help you understand that you are infinite energy and everything is frequency. By realizing this, you are able to play with and effect the energy around you. Humanity calls this magic, and it is also just science.

Richter teaches you to manipulate energy and manifest. He wants to show you what is possible when you harness your own powerful, intentional energy for a focused outcome. 

Richter meets you in meditation and shows you how to tap into the infinite universal information. Like how you can go look up anything on the internet, you can find any information and truth, through your own focused energy. “Geniuses” of your time have tapped into this and made great discoveries. All of the information is there for those who tap into it. Everything that ever existed still has a frequency, an energetic imprint. Attune yourself to that frequency. 

Richter allows you to attune your own frequency through intention. You hold the same power of thunder and lightening and can learn to control on command. Anyone can. It is all energy, same as you.

Cleanse Richter with sage smoke, high vibrational frequencies, and set him on the Earth. Place on windowsill during stormy weather or play recordings of storm energy.


Richter is a pre-activated Pyrite Crystal Skull, measuring 3"L  2"W  3"H weighing 1.10 pounds. 


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