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Is an Angelic from the Angelic realm.

He is flamboyant and full of life! Has endless amounts of energy and is all about learning through fun, play and laughter. He wants to remind you that this place that you have chosen to experience, Earth, is a magical playground. He will change the way you look at the environment around you even if you are still in the same town you grew up in and tired of seeing the same things everyday.

Rockette will lift your chin up skyward and awaken you to the immenseness of this world. He reminds you that anything is possible and that there is magic all around you and you have access to it at all times. He will send you rainbows and show his inner ones to you more and more.

He wants to lay with you in the grass and wonder at the cloud formations and look for your star families up there. You may begin to see ships in the skies and feel an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort you have never felt before. Almost like a hug from Godd!

Rockette can take you to other worlds in meditation and remind you who you are and why you chose to come here, but he wants most to remind you that you DID CHOOSE to come here. To experience the magic of manifestation and learning how to create things simply from your thoughts and emotions.

Rockette wants to teach you how to create the life you imagine.  How to use your innate powers some call the law of attraction. He wants to show you how your emotions were given to you so that you can navigate your surroundings and use them to create. Emotions are energy in motion. This energy is what actually creates things from thoughts. Rockette wants you to have everything you ever wanted or needed.

He also wants you to know that your world does in fact revolve solely around you! That you can change everything in your life you just have to imagine it so and feel the gratitude for the things you have been creating thus far.

Rockette wants to show you how to bring Heaven on Earth. By learning to create your reality and exuding joy and love into the world you change things for everyone, not just for you. You raise the vibration of the entire Earth by simply raising yours.

Rockette wants you to notice the little miracles every day as well as the big ones. To wonder in awe like a child at the beauty and intricacies of nature. To realize that you are in fact a miracle of God and to stop and ponder what all had to happen for you to even exist. Remember how special and important you are!

Walk barefoot in the grass, swim in the Earth’s waters, smell the flowers and dance and move your miraculous body!

Laugh out loud and sing, give compliments to others and remind them they are miraculous beings too.

Rockette will send you synchronicities that you can’t explain away. The sacred number 7 in duplicates, 333 and 444 as well. You will think of something and then it will appear. Your manifesting will speed up to nearly instantaneous creations. You will feel magical and in awe and disbelief that what is all happening is even possible. The more you flow and allow joy and love into your life the more magical and miraculous its going to become.

Cleanse Rockette in sage, incense, or with running water. Do not submerge for longer than a few seconds and dry promptly.

Speak your affirmations and gratitude into him and he will magnify them into the universe. Rockette is a pre-activated magical Clear Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 3 1/2" L and weighing  1 1/2 pounds.


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