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Romano is a Galactic Elder Lion headed Being with piercing blue eyes.

He is here to activate your Divine Masculine vibration and return your memories of who you truly are.

If Romano has chosen to work with you, know that you are a chosen one to be on Earth at this time for a huge mission.

Romano is regal, and carries the attributes known to the Emperor on Earth.

He brings out your courage, strength and power.

Courage, leadership, Proud, Provider, Warrior, Kind and giving heart are all words that describe Romano.

He watches over all like a Great Father figure and is stern yet compassionate, and vibrates of love and understanding.

He has chosen to go by Romano here because his true name is unpronounceable for humans. But, Romano carries a similar vibration.

He stands watch like a proud Father. Keeping you on track with a stern look, but open loving arms when you stumble. He will not let you stay

down, however, he will pick you right up by your collar, bring you to your feet and remind you who you are. Then he’ll dust you off, and send you back out there to fulfill your mission.

If Romano has chosen to work with you, you have a great mission of importance at this time. You are a very old soul and a very proud courageous one.

He reminds you to stand tall, even with the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are mighty as a Lion!

In meditation he will help you remember who you are, the mission you signed up for here, whether it is a great warrior this time or a prominent Father figure or leader for your community. He will show you who you truly are and return your memories to you.

You can connect with Romano anytime, not just in meditation. For you meditation could be while working out, doing manual labor or taking a walk while your mind wonders. Simply call his name in your head. He will also come to you in your dreams and take you traveling with him.

To cleanse Romano lay him on the Earth or burn Frankincense and Myrrh and hold him in the smoke.

Cleanse him often as he will absorb your pain and the pain you carry for others. He may even bring you to tears. He is cleansing you in this way and also showing you that releasing is not a weak attribute, but in fact a necessary and powerful recharging.


Obsidian Skull with Turquoise Eyes and Onyx and Turquoise Beads.



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