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Is a Red Rose spirit.
She shows herself as a beautiful female wearing a red velvet dress. Her dark hair is adorned with a red blooming rose. Rosa has a dark pink aura.
She carries the divine love healing energy and uses her energy to assist with healings especially with healing your feminine energy.
She gently assists you in releasing judgment you possibly have placed on yourself or inherited from your mother’s lineage.
Rosa guides you in finding self-love and self-worth.
She believes one could manifest things after knowing their worth.
Rosa also assists in chakra clearing to uplift your frequency.
To work with Rosa, place her on each chakra you wish to clear and let her intense pink light bathe and clear your chakras.
You can meditate in a bath with Rosa to have a cleansing and healing bath.
Her energy manifests through visions and it is normal to feel warmth and love when you are connecting with her. Allow her to fill your heart with loving energy. Cleanse Rosa with sage and water.

Rosa is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2"L

1 1/2"H and 1  1/2 W.


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