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The Red Rose

Rosarita has a Golden heart full of compassion. She’s the caretaker of broken hearts and healing is her primary work. ️‍🩹 She’s is a nurse practitioner.

Rosarita’s vibration of compassion also transmits joy and comfort.

Her work isn’t fully achieved if there’s not happiness to follow.

Rosarita will encourage you to engage in self care and restoration.

She would like to work in service to others as well as her caretaker/skullkeeper.

If your a wellness practitioner she would be a perfect companion energy to work alongside in your practice.

Rosarita believes in the power of prayer and helping others, including animals. Anoint your alter with rose oil, pray, chant saying your positive affirmations together morning’s and evenings for maximum blessings.

Rosarita is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

She is a large approximately 6-7lb Rose Quartz Crystal Skull


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