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Is a female Angelic Being with a bright pink aura.

Her presence emanates strong love frequency. 
Cupid offers love healing. She works with your heart chakra and helps you heal many love issues that could relate to family, partners, and friends. Her love frequency also assists you in healing your energetic field so it could help you manifest love from within.
To work with Cupid, you can meditate with her in the bath, or you can meditate with her outside the bath. Sit down and open your heart to her. Tell her that you are ready to receive her gift of healing. Envision her pink energy surrounding your body and breathe it in through your heart chakra. Let go of any expectations because her guidance could manifest in many forms. She might send you nudges towards things you need to do that will trigger deep self-love. Or you might feel her energy in your heart chakra accompanies with a deep knowing.
To cleanse her, use sage and running water. Offer her love and gratitude. She also loves to be near you, so keep her with you as much as you feel called to.

Cupid is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull that measures 2" L.


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