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Sheba is a beautiful healer from the realm of fairy. She appears as a wise older woman with very loving and warm energy.
Sheba is a nurturing spirit who will love her Guardian unconditionally

as well as have her Gardian’s best interest always. Place her close to you as much as you wish to receive her loving energy.
Sheba is also a powerful manifestor.  She will assist you in manifesting your desires by working with all of your chakras by making sure that all of your chakras are aligned in order to raise your frequency so you can go after things you desire.
Sheba loves to connect with her Skull Gardian by meditating with her. Visual meditation is highly recommended. She loves to communicate with you. You can talk to her, and she would love to bond with you.
Sheba loves to be cleansed with a mixture of water and rose water. You can add a drop of rose water on her forehead before you begin your visual manifestation meditation.


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