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3" Rose Quartz Dragon Crystal Skull


Serpent Dragon of India. 

Sehya provides crystal clear vision. She alleviates confusion and she helps you to see the purity of the light of day. 

Sehya is one with the Jungle. All forms of jungles. She helps you to find peace amidst the chaos of the jungles. The peace is the Jungle. 

Sehya is a clear point of contact when desiring to communicate to Mother Earth. She is one with the Earth. She has been here for centuries, watching and learning. 

Sehya loves to speak Sanskrit. She will often guide you through sacred mantras for deeper meditations and inner alchemy. 

Sehya radiates love of the highest. She engulfs you with hugs of pure love, free from judgement. She is here to help you feel safe and protected in you self-discovery. 

Sehya is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz Dragon

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