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One who brings God’s help. 

India is the spirit of God’s helper (Universal Loving Spirit) She’s all about confidence because all of Heaven is backing you up! 

India is a strong leader, she’s is willing to help you take action, and face challenges, sometimes take intelligent but unexpected risks. (If you ask for her help and guidance) 

India has a people personality and sub helps you work together with others accomplishing goals 

India has the ability to boost your creativity and innovative thinking skills..

She believes in heavenly enabling abilitys to remove all obstacles, ones blocking your flow.

Basically, India is never going to let them see you sweat, She's got your back!

To work with India wear her and quiet your mind with prayer, chants or just sitting still begin to feel connected to your breathing.

Feel into your heart and emit light out to the world.

Receive the divine love and healings that begin to shower down on you from heaven. 

If your holding and negative energy, anger or tension release and forgive, especially forgiving yourself. 

Radiate pure love out of your heart  and receive peace and self confidence.

India is facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

One Handcrafted an Handmade Rose Quartz Crystal Skull ring set in .925 Sterling Silver including its Reading and custom sizing.


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