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Rosebud currently lives in an underwater crystalline city. She is not necessarily a mermaid, she is more more like an aquatic being. She has no tail. Her legs and arms are webbed and she is very long and tall. Rosebud has antennae coming off the top and back of her head that look like jellyfish arms. They feed her information telepathically about her surroundings for miles. The antannae communicate all of the information with the others of her species as well. It’s like they can tap into each others information and pass it along, too. She is a blueish, silver sheen, but really light colored where the light shimmers off of her and it almost looks like she is glowing. She has a pink and blue aura that is visible around her, like you can see the energy she emanates. It is a very soft and loving energy. She compares with a say, young 20something year old of our species. She is youthful.

She is what we would consider a Princess. Her Mother and Father are in charge down there. She helps the Elder females of the group...learning and healing. They heal the ocean. They are one of the reasons the ocean cannot be destroyed and the pollution gathers in only certain places away from these cities. Her city is not the only one. They are interdimensional, so you may see them or not, depending on how high your frequency is.

Rosebud spends a lot of her time exploring and is aware (through the stories of the Elders) of what is happening on Earth right now. It is like they are already on the higher frequency Earth down there. The ocean is a portal she says, a way to travel to other dimensions.

Rosebud wants to help us Earthside, as she calls it. It's almost as if the ocean is a completely different world than ours, connected through a portal.

Rosebud is especially interested in healing women. She is good at healing things like breast cancer and womb issues. She has already been doing it and through this skull portal she can actually be here on Earthside sending out the healing.

The feminine is sacred to her. She says that Earthside women are connected to the ocean through the womb, the waters of the womb. She reminds me that our babies are born of the sacred waters and live under water before coming Earthside. It’s all connected.

She wants to heal our women. Rosebud sees the pollution that is causing the women’s bodies to die, much like the pollution in the oceans. It is all connected, the women are connected to the waters of the ocean. The pollution of both are affecting the women, both Earthside and in her home. But, they have learned to raise the frequency to keep the pollution away from their home, but the women Earthside that are being polluted are affecting their women. We are connected to them somehow. Rosebud says we are them.

Rosebud has a very high frequency and she wants to be Earthside to shine that light to all the women and girls. She says it is most important that we heal the womb and the breast, the givers of life. They have been polluted and traumatized. From the time the feminine are born Earthside it begins. Some believe that to destroy a people you must take out the strongest men, but Rosebud says that is all wrong. If you traumatize and pollute the Devine Feminine, the life givers and sustainers then no people can survive. It is of vital importance that we heal the women, now!

Rosebud says the feminine know this inside and are starting to heal themselves through meditation, raising their frequency where pollution can not reach them, and through herbs, the plant medicines given from Mother Earth. These are the keys, she says.

Rosebud will help you raise your frequency/vibration and not only heal yourself, but those around you. She wants to meditate with you and take you to the healing waters of the ocean, to her mother and the Elders. Place her near your heart (breasts) and then womb and hold your focus there as she pours her life giving light into you. Imagine the ocean waters washing through you and taking all the pollution away like a river. Then transmute that pollution into such a high frequency that it is destroyed.

Rosebud will lead you to the answers like what herbs will help you and how to use them. Follow all nudges and feelings you get to read something, go somewhere, buy a book, etc. She will attract other women that are in need of healing and those that have begun to share the healing, so you can learn from them. You may see your food choices change and have a love for water that you never had before. People will say you are turning into a fish.

If you are near the ocean, go there for healing and take Rosebud with you. You may see ocean life like dolphins, whales, and mermaids. As you raise your frequency, they feel it. If you are not near the ocean she says, "never worry, the ocean is inside of you..go there."

Rosebud will have you doing self-care as a priority, because it is a priority. When you have sufficiently healed yourself and have begun to help other women and girls heal, you may feel called to gift Rosebud to someone desperately in need of her healing. Follow that feeling. By then you will have raised your frequency high enough to continue the healing with your Earthside tribe you have found. Follow your heart. Rosebud will talk to you through your heart and telepathically. You will just know in your heart what to do, what decision to make. You can use crystal singing bowl music to cleanse and renew her energy. She needs high vibration.

Rosebud is a 108 Japa Mala with an Amethyst crystal skull made with natural in-dyed pearls and Amethyst Quartz beads. 


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