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Is an Anthusae.

In Greek mythology, Anthusae are nymphs or flowers.

She appears as a beautiful female spirit with a pink aura, and smells of flowers.
Rosie wears a deep pink dress and emanates love continuously.

She resides in lovely gardens and cares for plants and animals.
Hold Rosie close to you on your left palm to benefit from her loving, healing energy. Rosie works with your heart chakra. She assists you in healing your divine feminine aspect from many lifetimes.
Rosie will show you that you are worthy of love and abundance.
She assists you in cultivating self-love and self-worth.
Rosie also assists you to connect with your soul through your heart space.
When you can, take Rose with you near a body of water and or taking a healing bath with Rosie is recommended! Feel comfortable to place her in the water with you.
This activity will promote inner peace and amplify your compassion.
Her energy manifests through feelings and writing.
Spend time to journal your session after you meditate with Rosie.

She will show you affirmations that will help raise your spirit.
Cleanse Rosie with sage, water, and loving prayers.

Rosie is a pre-acivated 2"L Rose Quartz Crystal Skull.


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