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Rose of Winds


Rose of Winds is a spiritual tool to help direct growth. 

The compass provides a sense of safety that we can rely on and it always points in the right direction, even through the troubled seas of life and unfamiliar roads that can be challenging.

Rose of Winds is like the North Star, throughout history she was used as a symbol of guidance. ️

Rose is always pointing North, to a direction which symbolizes progress, betterment and inspiration.

She will inspire and motivate you giving you faith to follow your dreams and fulfill your destiny.

Rose Of Winds will help keep you on the pathway to follow your heart and stay positive. 

To work with Rose of Winds, open your mind and heart up in a seated quiet meditation. 

You can wear her, or hold her for this. Relax and focus on your breathing and begin to turn into your internal dialogue.

What is she saying to you?

This is the start of your journey (at least for today) ask Rose to adjust your direction if need be and or to guide your paths to the safest and truest direction. 

Charge her beads with positive intentions and embed your personal mantra.

Wear her regularly and occasionally White Sage her to cleanse and fine tune her.

Rose of Winds is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

She is a Quartz and natural Ruby Necklace made in handwired Sterling Silver and with a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull.

Rose of Winds

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