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Powerful Female Dragon

Ryoka is a symbol of primordial power.

She is master of all elements fire, water, air and earth. 

Ryoka is also a spirit guide, and now a powerful ally in your life.

She is a very friendly and outgoing energy, she especially loves to engage sports and games with her dragon clan, boasting her competitive edge.

Ryoka has focus and drive, she will teach you to stay on track to help you finish what you start. 

Ryoka is a perfect energy to have with you in your business or personal space.

Ryoka is has amazing restorative and transformational and healing qualities.

She never loses her patience and stays calm in challenging circumstances.

Ryoka also loves to be out in nature, she enjoys socializing and making new friendships and contacts everywhere she goes. 

To begin working with Ryoka define your goals and needs before you sit in meditation with her.

Clear your mind of any clutter and begin to see your vision as if you already had achieved this. Ask Ryoka to help you manipulate the energy to bring these positive manifestation into your life.

Thank Ryoka for her service and release attachments. 

Ryoka is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra Chakra and her lucky  number is 7 and 9.

Royka is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Dragon Crystal Skull that is 4"L and is ready to be shipped out.


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