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Sacred Geometry

Is a 11th dimensional High Vibrational Being.
Intelligent, highly evolved, and ancient energy that is limitless.

There is no gender and it is beyond time and space.
Sacred Geometry shows itself as an energy that takes the shape of geometries and light.
It has a unique energy connecting to Sacred Geometry, the energy can be felt enveloping your body. It takes you on a journey through visions and shows you that your essence is limitless and infinite.
Sacred Geometry assists you in activating your light body and your KA channels. The energy channels that circulate within your body.
SG will assist in removing blocks in your channels and chakras. Its energy will raise your frequency by gently awakening your kundalini.
Working with it, will expand your perspective and show you the limitless universe. It will teach you how to master your emotions and how to transmute your feelings to love.
Connect with Sacred Geometry with an open heart without expectations. Feel your blessings and say your gratitude for your spiritual expansion from the space of love.
Cleanse Sacred Geometry with sage.

Sacred Geometry is a pre-activated Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull.

Sacred Geometry

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