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Safforia is an Egyptian Feline being. She lived on Earth in Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and has since returned home. She is tall and slender with short, silky, dark blue, almost black fur covering her entire body. She is stunningly beautiful and graceful. She has an aire about her that is regal and confident. She is more a Black Panther energy than a house cat. Her eyes are big and almond shaped with a natural black lining around them. The only thing she wears is beaded jewelry draped around her waist, her ankles and wrists and a beautiful half moon design around her neck. She loves the finer things and knows she deserves them. Her claws are black. She moves with grace and flow, every movement very intentional.

Safforia has decided she wants to play her part in the Earth’s ascension. The lesson she has always been brilliant at is self love and confidence. She wants to model for you these traits until you embody them yourself.

If you have been drawn to Safforia, you may need to show yourself more self love. You need to love the package you come in and figure out how to use its magic to your advantage. We all have magic. There are aspects that are absolutely beautiful in every single person and you will have the eyes to see it now. Especially in yourself. When you embody self love your vibration rises and you give off a frequency that heals others around you.

Safforia will attempt to teach you to love those little unique things about yourself and how to use them to bring in more joy. She wants you to walk tall with confidence. Knowing who you are and how important you are to the vast collective.

Safforia will build your confidence and help you remember who you are and how powerful you are. She will meet you in meditation and dream state and take you to your past lives where you may have been royalty. If you are drawn to Safforia then you carry that same vibration inside of you, you have simply forgotten, or not. You may be a powerful woman and know it and Safforia was drawn to that. She can help support you in your successes and celebrate your wins.

Safforia is an especially great partner if you are an established entrepreneur or just starting your own business. She will give you information to help you in marketing and appealing to others inner desires. She will have you stepping out of the box and trying things that you have been afraid to try up until this point.

Safforia will you the courage of the Lion and the confidence of the Feline. You will know exactly what you are worth and will never again accept less than that.

Safforia will bring in the abundance to keep up with an abundant lifestyle. Things you want will gravitate to you easily. Synchronicities and seemingly magic will happen before your eyes. You will remember that you have the magic inside of you to accomplish anything you want and have anything you desire in life. You deserve it all!, says Safforia.

If you are starting a new gym routine or yoga, etc., Safforia will be there cheering you on and supporting you not giving up. She will feed you visions of the future if you see it through.

Safforia may have you do mirror work where you write things on it so you see it every morning. She likes affirmations, they work. She may have you look into your own eyes in the mirror and speak love into yourself each morning. You will see a difference in your appearance and emotional state as you do this over time.

Safforia may cause you to leave undeserving situations and people. You will realize you deserve to be treated as the Royalty you are. There is only room in your life for those who support you and encourage you to be your all deserving best. If you are attracted to Safforia then it is time to take back your life and go for it!

Make all of your dreams come true. There is no time to waste.

Safforia would love to be treated like a Queen and she will treat you like a Queen as well. Show her gratitude and love and she will return it back to you in volumes.

Carry her with you everyday if you can. Merge your two energies into one.

To cleanse her run her through water, she especially likes to play in rain or river water. Play Egyptian music or crystal singing bowls and of course sage works.

Safforia is a elongated FULLY ACTIVATED 1 1/2" Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull. 


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